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The RIDGE: hair grows in the opposite direction of the rest of the coat, should be clearly defined, tapering, and symmetrical. Should start behind the shoulders and continue to a point between the prominence of hips. Should be two crowns opposite each other, crowns not to extend any further than on third of the ridge.

1) Head: skull flat, rather broad between the ears planes of nose and skull parallel; the distances from the occiput to stop; stop to end of nose; and width of skull should all be equal - Return to Diagram
2) Stop: reasonably well defined - Return to Diagram
3) Muzzle: long, deep - Return to Diagram
4) Lips: clean closely fitting jaws - Return to Diagram
5) Eyes: round, bright with intelligent expression - Return to Diagram
6) Ears: set rather than high, medium size, wide at base, narrowing to a rounded point, carried close to the head - Return to Diagram
7) Nose: can be black or brown; black nose accompanied by dark eyes, brown nose by light amber eyes - Return to Diagram
8) Neck: strong, free from throatiness - Return to Diagram
9) Shoulders: sloping, clean muscular - Return to Diagram
10) Chest: deep, not wide - Return to Diagram
11) Back: strong topline, neither sagging nor roached - Return to Diagram
12) Loins: strong, muscular, slightly arched - Return to Diagram
13) Legs: strong, straight, bone should be heavy but not course and oval not round - Return to Diagram
14) Elbows: close to the body - Return to Diagram
15) Feet: compact, well arched toes - Return to Diagram
16) Hind legs: muscles clean, well defined inside and outs. Moderate - Return to Diagram
17) Hocks: well let down - Return to Diagram
18) Tail: strong at the insertion, tapering towards end set on not too high or too low - Return to Diagram
Coat: short, dense, sleek, glossy, never wooly or silky
Color: light wheaten to red wheaten, some white on toes and chest permissible.
Height and Weight respectively:
DOGS: 25"-80 lbs. minimum, to 27"-90 lbs.maximum
BITCHES: 24"-65 lbs. minimum, to 26"-75lbs. maximum